§ 22-127 Definitions
§ 22-128 Powers and duties of commissioner. Access to premises. Removal or abatement of insanitary condition. Civil penalty
§ 22-128a Schedule of fees
§ 22-129 Prohibitions on sale, offering for sale, barter, exchange, distribution or processing. Exceptions. Penalties
§ 22-129a Seizure and embargo
§ 22-130 Authority of commissioner limited
§ 22-131 Milk Regulation Board
§ 22-131a Transfer of Milk Regulation Board to Department of Consumer Protection
§ 22-131b Milk Regulation Board study of state dairy industry. Report to General Assembly
§ 22-131c Regulations implementing recommendations of Milk Regulation Board re state dairy industry
§ 22-132 Meetings of Milk Regulation Board
§ 22-133 Regulations of Milk Regulation Board
§ 22-134 Violation of regulations of board or orders of commissioner. Civil penalty
§ 22-135 Labeling
§ 22-136 Licensing of weighers, gagers, samplers and testers of milk and cream. Examination fees. Revocation of license
§ 22-137 Permits for places where milk or cream is received
§ 22-137a Connecticut Milk Promotion Board. Membership. Duties
§ 22-137b Certification of the Connecticut Milk Promotion Board
§ 22-138 Fraudulent manipulation of samples or test; falsification of records. Civil penalty
§ 22-139 Tests to be made by licensed tester
§ 22-140 Samples to be taken by licensed samplers
§ 22-141 Weighing or gaging to be by licensed weigher or gager
§ 22-144a Testing butterfat milk content
§ 22-145 Disposition of fees
§ 22-146 Examination of records and apparatus
§ 22-147 Appeal
§ 22-148 Proceedings for violation
§ 22-149 Penalty
§ 22-150 Registration of milk and butterfat laboratories. Fees. Approval of laboratories. Civil penalty. Revocation of registration
§ 22-150a Certified milk laboratory. Milk screening laboratory. Component testing laboratory. Permits. Standards. Exceptions. Regulations. Permit suspension or revocation. Civil penalties
§ 22-151 Certification of accuracy of bottle or pipette used to determine butterfat content. Civil penalty
§ 22-152 Standard quality of milk
§ 22-153 Misbranded or adulterated milk, milk product or cheese. Acceptance of milk, milk product or cheese from dealer with suspended or revoked permit. Civil penalty
§ 22-160 Milk powder, evaporated milk or cream. Foreign milk powder
§ 22-161 Penalties
§ 22-165 Samples of milk, cream and milk products; analysis. Fees
§ 22-166 Sale of milk from emaciated or diseased animals. Civil penalty
§ 22-167 Local regulations for the sale of milk
§ 22-168 Damages
§ 22-169 Appeals from local authorities
§ 22-170 Appeal from board
§ 22-171 Filled milk
§ 22-172 Registration of producers. Permits. Penalty
§ 22-173 Registration of dealers. Permits. Labeling. Civil penalty. Information required
§ 22-173a Registration of retail raw milk producers and retail raw milk cheese manufacturers. Denial, suspension and revocation of permits. Cheese manufacturing. Regulations
§ 22-174 Out-of-state cream source permits. Inspection of cream source
§ 22-181 Application for permit by new producer
§ 22-182 When approval or inspection of additional farms not required
§ 22-182a Duties of commissioner if Federal Milk Order suspended or terminated
§ 22-183 Farms and plants once approved to retain status and right to inspection; exceptions
§ 22-184 Permits required for out-of-state plants and producing farms. Exemption
§ 22-184a Permits for out-of-state plants which do not ship milk to this state
§ 22-185 Temporary permit for receiving cream
§ 22-186 Statements pertaining to receipt and disposition of milk and cream. Information to producers. Termination of Federal Milk Order. Assessment on producers
§ 22-187 Appeal
§ 22-188 Carriers of communicable diseases not to handle milk or utensils
§ 22-191 Preparation of milk
§ 22-192 Chocolate milk. Flavored milk
§ 22-192a Sale of milk as from tested cows
§ 22-193 Milk and cream sold at retail or served in public eating places
§ 22-194 Pasteurized milk and milk products
§ 22-195 Permits for pasteurization. Bottling process. Injunction
§ 22-196 Pasteurization within the state. Permits for imported pasteurized milk or cream
§ 22-197 Labeling of receptacle containing pasteurized milk or cream
§ 22-197a Pasteurization, processing or sale date need not appear on cap
§ 22-197b Last sale date required on containers. Regulations. Penalty
§ 22-203a Testing of milk and milk products for drug residues or other inhibitory substances. Maintenance of records
§ 22-203b Liability
§ 22-203c Regulations
§ 22-203d Drug residue and other inhibitory substance levels for milk. Prohibition of sale or distribution. Permit suspension. Penalty
§ 22-203e Definitions
§ 22-203f Transportation of milk by bulk milk pickup tanker. Permit
§ 22-203g Application for permit. Validity
§ 22-203h Regulations