§ 31-222 Definitions
§ 31-222a “District” defined. Continuation of commissioners in offices
§ 31-223 Application of chapter to employers
§ 31-223a Employers not subject to chapter. Notification to employees
§ 31-223b Transfer of unemployment experience upon transfer of assets, organization, trade or business of employer. Penalties
§ 31-224 Municipal and other public employees
§ 31-225 Contributions by employers. Failure of an Indian tribe or tribal unit to make required payments. Financing of benefits paid to employees of nonprofit organizations. Bond requirement for foreign construction contractors
§ 31-225a Definitions; employers’ experience accounts; noncharging provisions; benefit ratio; rates of contribution; assessments to pay interest due on federal loans and to reimburse advance fund; fund balance tax rate; notice to employers; multiple employers; empl
§ 31-226a Discharge, discipline, penalty or discrimination prohibited. Right of action
§ 31-227 Payment of benefits. Disqualifying services. Offsets and deductions: Pensions, child support obligations and state, federal and local income taxes
§ 31-228 Benefit for total unemployment
§ 31-229 Benefit for partial unemployment
§ 31-230 Benefit year, base period and alternative base period. Regulations
§ 31-231 Total unemployment benefit rate
§ 31-231a Total unemployment benefit rate
§ 31-231b Maximum limitation on total benefits
§ 31-232 Maximum limitation on total benefits
§ 31-232a Additional benefits payable during periods of substantial unemployment
§ 31-232b Extended benefits: Definitions
§ 31-232c Applicability of chapter
§ 31-232d Eligibility conditions
§ 31-232e Weekly extended benefit amount
§ 31-232f Total extended benefit amount
§ 31-232g Public announcements and computations by administrator
§ 31-232h Additional benefits payable, when
§ 31-232i Administrator’s duties with respect to federal act
§ 31-232j Extended benefits payable from Unemployment Compensation Fund
§ 31-232k Interstate claims for extended benefits
§ 31-232l Ineligibility for extended benefits. Suitable work defined. Duties of State Employment Service
§ 31-233 Temporary extended-duration benefits
§ 31-234 Dependency allowances
§ 31-235 Benefit eligibility conditions; qualifications; involuntary retirees. Reemployment services. Profiling system
§ 31-235a Methods of payment by nonprofit organizations
§ 31-236 Disqualifications. Exceptions
§ 31-236a Eligibility of apprentice unemployed due to labor dispute
§ 31-236b Eligibility for benefits not impaired by reason of participation in training with commissioner’s approval. Approval of programs
§ 31-236c Ineligibility of certain board of education employees
§ 31-236d Eligibility of individual in training approved under the Trade Act of 1974
§ 31-236e Basis for determination of eligibility. Regulations
§ 31-236f Information re the availability of unemployment compensation benefits. Procedure
§ 31-237 Employment Security Division
§ 31-237a Definitions
§ 31-237b Employment Security Appeals Division established
§ 31-237c Employment Security Board of Review. Appointment of members, chairman, alternate members
§ 31-237d Executive head of appeals division, delegation of his authority. Hearing of appeals to board
§ 31-237e Employment Security Appeals Division personnel, payment, appointment
§ 31-237f Disqualification of board member; challenge; replacements
§ 31-237g Powers of Employment Security Board of Review, rules of procedure
§ 31-237h Access of appeals division to records of the Employment Security Division
§ 31-237i Referee section established. Appointment of referees; chief referee
§ 31-237j Appeals to referee section; jurisdiction, venue; panel of referees
§ 31-238 Budget of Employment Security Appeals Division. Provision for expenses, offices, equipment and supplies
§ 31-239 Advisory council
§ 31-240 Claim procedure. Filing
§ 31-241 Determination of claims and benefits. Notice, hearing and appeal. Regulations
§ 31-242 Referee’s hearing of claim on appeal from examiner: Decision, notices, remand; disqualification of referee, challenge
§ 31-243 Continuous jurisdiction
§ 31-244 Procedure
§ 31-244a Procedure on appeals; hearings; rules of evidence; record
§ 31-245 Authority to administer oaths and issue subpoenas
§ 31-246 Enforcement of subpoena
§ 31-247 Witness fees. Payment of expenses of proceedings
§ 31-248 Decisions of employment security referee; final date, notice; reopening; judicial review
§ 31-248a Transfer of case from referee to Employment Security Board of Review
§ 31-249 Appeal from employment security referee’s decision to Employment Security Board of Review
§ 31-249a Decision of board, final date, grounds for reopening appeal, payment of benefits, exhaustion of remedies
§ 31-249b Appeal
§ 31-249c Administrator a party to all appeal proceedings. Right of board to intervene as a party
§ 31-249d Disqualification of referees and board members as advocates
§ 31-249e Decisions of board and referees. Methods of issuance. Notice of appellate rights
§ 31-249f Decisions of board as precedents, referees’ decisions as authority. Index of cases decided
§ 31-249g Use of arbitration decisions by board or referees. Preclusive effect of unemployment compensation proceedings
§ 31-249h Regulations defining “good cause”
§ 31-250 Administration. Duties and powers of administrator
§ 31-250a Advisory board. Membership. Functions and duties
§ 31-251 General regulations
§ 31-252 Public distribution of law, regulations and reports
§ 31-253 Delegation of authority
§ 31-254 Records and reports. State directory of new hires. Disclosure
§ 31-254a Wage and claim information to national directory of new hires
§ 31-255 Reciprocal agreements with other states
§ 31-256 Application for advances to Unemployment Trust Fund
§ 31-257 Repayment of benefits on receipt of retroactive pay
§ 31-258 Repayment of benefits on receipt of workers’ compensation
§ 31-259 Employment Security Administration Fund
§ 31-260 Transfer of funds authorized by federal Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act
§ 31-261 Unemployment Compensation Fund. Payment of administrative expenses
§ 31-262 Deposits of contributions. Payments to United States Treasurer
§ 31-263 Withdrawals of funds for payment of benefits and reimbursement of advance fund
§ 31-264 Management of fund upon discontinuance of or changes in Unemployment Trust Fund
§ 31-264a Unemployment Compensation Advance Fund
§ 31-264b Issuance of unemployment compensation revenue bonds
§ 31-265 Interest on contributions not paid when due
§ 31-266 Collection of contributions. Lien. Foreclosure
§ 31-266a Civil action to enjoin employer from entering employment contracts where contributions unpaid
§ 31-266b Disposition of real or personal property taken by foreclosure
§ 31-266c Abatement of contributions. Compromises
§ 31-267 Priority of claim for contributions in case of insolvency, bankruptcy or dissolution
§ 31-268 Adjustment of errors
§ 31-269 Refunds and deficiencies
§ 31-270 Failure of employer to file report of contributions due. Appeal from action of administrator
§ 31-271 Examination to determine liability of employer, sufficiency of reports, amount of contributions due, or ability to pay; subpoena
§ 31-272 Protection of rights and benefits
§ 31-273 Overpayments; recovery and penalties. Timeliness of appeals. False or misleading declarations, statements or representations. Additional violations and penalties
§ 31-274 Saving clause. Conflict with federal law. Governmental districts and subdivisions defined
§ 31-274g Cooperation with other states for enforcement of law
§ 31-274h Publication of unemployment compensation information
§ 31-274i Information to be provided re earned income credit program
§ 31-274j Voluntary shared work unemployment compensation program