§ 51-1 Composition of department. Report to General Assembly
§ 51-1a Composition of Judicial Department
§ 51-1b Chief Justice of Supreme Court. Duties and powers
§ 51-1c Report of department to General Assembly
§ 51-1d Court Support Services Division. Transfer of duties of various offices, duties and personnel to Court Support Services Division
§ 51-1e Support Enforcement Services. Successor to Support Enforcement Division. Transfer of powers, duties, obligations and staff
§ 51-2 Chief Court Administrator
§ 51-3 Inability of Chief Justice to act
§ 51-5a Duties and powers of Chief Court Administrator
§ 51-5b Chief Court Administrator to establish and administer Judicial Data Processing Revolving Fund. Transfers to General Fund
§ 51-5c Automated registry of protective orders. Policies and procedures for operation of registry
§ 51-5d Chief Court Administrator to transfer certain revenue to organization administering program for use of interest earned on lawyers’ clients’ funds accounts and to Judicial Data Processing Revolving Fund
§ 51-6 Chief Court Administrator to meet with judges and Probate Court Administrator
§ 51-6a Chief Justice or Chief Court Administrator may meet with judges of any court
§ 51-6b Chief Court Administrator to identify additional secure child visitation centers
§ 51-7 Conferences of judges and members of the bar
§ 51-8 Executive secretary; appointment; salary. Practice of law prohibited
§ 51-9 Duties of executive secretary and other staff members
§ 51-9a Alkaline paper for photocopies
§ 51-9b Portraits of retiring Chief Justices
§ 51-10 Appointment of Jury Administrator and assistants. Selection of director of security and safety of the Judicial Department
§ 51-10a Personnel Administrator
§ 51-10b Contract with Children in Placement, Inc., promoting permanency planning for children
§ 51-10c Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparity in the Criminal Justice System. Duties
§ 51-11 Judges and clerks to furnish information to Chief Court Administrator
§ 51-12 Compensation plan; employment regulations; sick leave
§ 51-13 Variance of sessions of Superior Court
§ 51-14 Rules of court. Disapproval of rules by General Assembly. Hearings
§ 51-14a Connecticut Code of Evidence. Adoption. Advisory committee
§ 51-15 Rules of procedure in certain civil actions. Small claims
§ 51-15a Consultation between judiciary committee and rules committee of Superior Court
§ 51-19 Law reports. Practice Book