§ 51-27 Court accommodations
§ 51-27a Courthouses serving the geographical areas
§ 51-27b Offices of Superior Court
§ 51-27c Court accommodations at Rockville, Putnam and Willimantic
§ 51-27d Lease of court facilities. Lease-purchase agreements for additional facilities in Middletown, New Britain and Rocky Hill
§ 51-27e Courthouse facilities for the judicial district of Ansonia-Milford
§ 51-27f Rooms for special sessions
§ 51-27g Display of United States flag outside courthouses
§ 51-27h Courthouse facilities to include secure room for victims of family violence crimes and advocates
§ 51-27i Family violence victim advocate services in Family Division of Superior Court
§ 51-30 Court attendants
§ 51-31 Deputy sheriffs as court officers in New London County
§ 51-32 Determination of laws of other jurisdictions
§ 51-33 Punishment for contempt of court
§ 51-33a Criminal contempt
§ 51-34 Commitment for disobedience; release
§ 51-35 Witness refusing to testify; imprisonment. Self-incrimination
§ 51-36 Retention, reproduction, destruction, disposal and transferring of court records. Microfilm and computerized images
§ 51-36a Access to records maintained by Judicial Department. Policies and procedures