§ 51-164s Superior Court sole trial court. Jurisdiction transferred from Court of Common Pleas and Juvenile Court
§ 51-164t Composition of Superior Court established by rule
§ 51-164u Transfer of matters and appeals pending on July 1, 1978
§ 51-164v Use of Circuit Court and Court of Common Pleas forms in the Superior Court
§ 51-164w Juvenile Court, Circuit Court and Court of Common Pleas construed to mean Superior Court as of July 1, 1978
§ 51-164x Review of order prohibiting attendance at court session; review of certain orders sealing or limiting disclosure to court documents, affidavits or files
§ 51-165 Number of judges. Retired judges. Assignment to hear housing matters and juvenile matters
§ 51-166 Annual meeting of judges
§ 51-167 Special meetings of the judges
§ 51-180 Criminal terms and sessions
§ 51-180a Special session when accused confined for want of bail
§ 51-181 Times and places for the sitting of the Superior Court
§ 51-181a Sessions at Bristol
§ 51-181b Drug docket and drug courts
§ 51-181c Community court
§ 51-181d Truancy docket. Implementation
§ 51-181e Domestic violence dockets
§ 51-182 Notice of sessions. Special sessions. Short calendar
§ 51-182d Length of family relations sessions; assignment of judges
§ 51-183 Substitute judge
§ 51-183a Judge’s inability to hold court
§ 51-183b Judgments in civil actions. Time limit
§ 51-183c Same judge not to preside at new trial
§ 51-183d Disqualified judge; proceedings not void
§ 51-183e Presiding judge or arbitrator to have casting vote
§ 51-183f Expiration of term, disability retirement, death or resignation of judge
§ 51-183g Retiring judge; unfinished matters
§ 51-183h Judge not to hear motion attacking bench warrant which he signed
§ 51-184 Adjournment of court
§ 51-185 Disposition of civil business at criminal sessions
§ 51-186 Hearings at the Connecticut Correctional Institution, Somers
§ 51-187 Court accommodations in Windham County and at Rockville
§ 51-189 Transfer of hearings before judges
§ 51-190 Trial before judge; papers filed where
§ 51-190a Filing of papers upon decision
§ 51-193b Payment of fees, costs and fines by credit card
§ 51-193c Filing of document or data by computer, facsimile transmission or other technology. Use of technology for required payments. Electronic signature and verification. Standards. Rules
§ 51-193d Moneys found in or on grounds of Superior Court presumed abandoned
§ 51-193l Appointment of magistrates. Submission of names of probate judges for approval as magistrates
§ 51-193r Compensation of magistrates
§ 51-193s Submission of names of probate judges for approval as magistrates
§ 51-193t Hearing of small claims matters by magistrate
§ 51-193u Hearing of violations and infractions by magistrate. Authority of magistrate decision. Demand for trial de novo
§ 51-194 Review division, appointment; meetings; disqualification; secretary
§ 51-195 Application for review of sentence
§ 51-196 Review of sentence or commitment. Decision
§ 51-197 Forms and rules of procedure
§ 51-197a Appeals to Appellate Court. Writs. Transfer of jurisdiction from appellate session
§ 51-197b Administrative appeals
§ 51-197c Appellate Court; judges, appointment, terms, Chief Judge
§ 51-197d Jurisdiction of appellate session
§ 51-197e Consolidation of appeals
§ 51-197f Further review by certification only