§ 51-342 County construed as judicial district for purpose of venue
§ 51-343 Definitions
§ 51-344 Judicial districts established
§ 51-344a Term “judicial district of Hartford-New Britain” deemed to refer to “judicial district of Hartford” on and after September 1, 1998
§ 51-344b Term “judicial district of New Britain” substituted for “judicial district of Hartford”, when
§ 51-345 Venue in civil actions. Return of civil process
§ 51-345a Land lying in two or more judicial districts
§ 51-345b Venue in actions involving administrative decisions of municipal agencies
§ 51-346 Location in judicial district where civil process may be made returnable. Trial locations
§ 51-346a Jury trial in the judicial district of Ansonia-Milford
§ 51-347 Where writs may be filed
§ 51-347a Transfer of jury causes to other judicial districts
§ 51-347b Transfer of causes by court, motion or agreement. Transfer by Chief Court Administrator
§ 51-347c Last day for filing next business day if clerk’s office closed
§ 51-348 Geographical areas. Venue. Courthouse use. Housing docket. Hearing of infractions and violations by magistrate
§ 51-348a Prosecution for nonsupport in geographical area
§ 51-349 Where actions commenced in geographical areas
§ 51-350 Filing in a geographical area
§ 51-351 Return to improper locations
§ 51-351a Failure to state proper forum
§ 51-351b Short title: Uniform Transboundary Pollution Reciprocal Access Act
§ 51-352 Venue in criminal actions
§ 51-352a Venue for offenses committed prior to April 22, 1975
§ 51-352b Jurisdiction of crimes committed on water
§ 51-352c Jurisdiction of various offenses
§ 51-353 Change of venue in criminal case
§ 51-353a Transfer of criminal cases between and within judicial districts
§ 51-353b Files in transferred cases