§ 52-425 Appointment of a committee in civil actions
§ 52-426 Compensation of committee and stenographer
§ 52-427 Auditors or committee may be appointed when court not in session
§ 52-428 Auditors in actions involving matters of accounting
§ 52-429 Powers of auditors and committees over witnesses
§ 52-430 Filling of auditor or committee vacancies when court not in session
§ 52-431 Recommittal of incomplete report
§ 52-432 Judge not to be auditor or committee
§ 52-433 Auditor or committee appointed judge may finish case
§ 52-434 State referees
§ 52-434a Powers of referees
§ 52-434b Referrals to senior judges; their powers and compensation
§ 52-434c Certain referees assigned to Appellate Court. Eligibility. Powers and jurisdiction
§ 52-434d Special education administrative contested cases pilot program