Chapter 319 Department of Children and Families 17a-1 to 17a-89
Chapter 319a Child Welfare 17a-90 to 17a-209
Chapter 319b Department of Developmental Services 17a-210 to 17a-269
Chapter 319c Council on Developmental Services. General Provisions 17a-270 to 17a-299
Chapter 319d Department on Aging 17a-300 to 17a-339
Chapter 319h Protection of the Elderly 17a-405 to 17a-449
Chapter 319i Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities 17a-450 to 17a-620
Chapter 319j Addiction Services 17a-621 to 17a-749
Chapter 319k Regional Human Services Needs and Delivery 17a-750 to 17a-760