(a) As used in this section:

(1) ”Self-employment assistance activities” means activities (including entrepreneurial training, business counseling and technical assistance) approved by the Secretary of Labor or the Secretary’s designee in which an individual identified through a worker profiling system as likely to exhaust regular benefits participates for the purpose of establishing a business and becoming self-employed.

(2) ”Self-employment assistance allowance” means an allowance, payable in lieu of regular benefits and from the Unemployment Compensation Fund established under § 3161 of this title, to an individual participating in self-employment assistance activities who meets the requirements of this section.

(3) ”Full-time basis” means that the individual is devoting such amount of time as is determined by the Department to be necessary to establish a business which will serve as a full-time occupation for that individual.

Terms Used In Delaware Code Title 19 Sec. 3328

  • Benefits: means the money payments payable to an individual, as provided in this chapter, with respect to the individual's unemployment. See Delaware Code Title 19 Sec. 3302
  • Department: means the Department of Labor. See Delaware Code Title 19 Sec. 3302
  • Employment: means :

    (A) Any service performed prior to January 1, 1978, which was employment as defined in this paragraph prior to such date and, subject to the other provisions of this paragraph, service performed after December 31, 1977, including service in interstate commerce, by

    (i) Any officer of a corporation after December 31, 1995. See Delaware Code Title 19 Sec. 3302

  • Fund: means the Unemployment Compensation Fund established by this title to which all assessments required and from which all benefits provided under this chapter shall be paid. See Delaware Code Title 19 Sec. 3302
  • Regular benefits: means benefits payable to an individual under this chapter or under any other state law (including benefits payable to federal civilian employees and to ex-service persons pursuant to 5 U. See Delaware Code Title 19 Sec. 3302
  • States: includes , in addition to the states of the United States of America, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. See Delaware Code Title 19 Sec. 3302
  • United States: includes the states, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. See Delaware Code Title 19 Sec. 3302
  • Wages: means all remuneration for personal services, including commissions, bonuses, dismissal payments, holiday pay, back pay awards and the cash value of all remuneration in any medium other than cash. See Delaware Code Title 19 Sec. 3302
  • Week: means calendar week, ending at midnight Saturday, but all work performed and wages earned during a working shift which starts before midnight Saturday shall be included in the week in which such shift begins. See Delaware Code Title 19 Sec. 3302
  • Work: means service, including service in interstate commerce, performed for wages or under any contract of hire, written or oral, express or implied. See Delaware Code Title 19 Sec. 3302
  • Year: means a calendar year, and is equivalent to the words "year of our Lord. See Delaware Code Title 6 Sec. 4307

(b) The weekly allowance payable under this section to an individual will be equal to the weekly benefit amount for regular benefits payable under § 3313 of this title. The sum of (1) the allowance paid under this section and (2) regular benefits paid under this chapter with respect to any benefit year shall not exceed the maximum benefit amount as established by § 3313(k) of this title with respect to such benefit year.

(c) The allowance described in subsection (a) of this section shall be payable to an individual at the same interval, on the same terms, and subject to the same conditions as regular benefits under this chapter, except that:

(1) The requirements of §§ 3315(1), (3), and 3314(3) of this title relating to availability for work active search for work and refusal to accept work are not applicable to such individual;

(2) The reduction provided in § 3313(i) of this title relating to wages paid is not applicable to income earned from self-employment by such individual;

(3) An individual who meets the requirements of this section shall be considered to be unemployed under § 3302(17) of this title; and

(4) An individual who fails to participate in self-employment assistance activities or who fails to actively engage on a full-time basis in activities (which may include training) relating to the establishment of a business and becoming self-employed shall be disqualified for the week such failure occurs.

(d) The aggregate number of individuals receiving the self-employment assistance allowance under this section at any time shall not exceed 5 percent of the number of individuals receiving regular benefits for such week. The Secretary of Labor shall prescribe such actions as are necessary to assure the requirements of this subsection are met.

(e) Self-employment assistance allowances paid under this section shall be charged to employers as provided under the provisions of this chapter relating to the charging of regular benefits. Benefits shall be noncharged as provided under § 3314 of this title.

(f) The provisions of this section will apply to weeks beginning after the date of enactment or weeks beginning after any plan required by the United States. Department of Labor is approved by said Department, whichever date is later. The authority provided by this section shall terminate as of the end of the week preceding the date when federal law no longer authorizes the provisions of this section, unless such date is a Saturday in which case the authority shall terminate as of such date.

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