§ 3341 Period of employer’s coverage
§ 3342 Termination of employer’s coverage
§ 3343 Election of employer to be covered by this chapter
§ 3344 Determination of liability of employer for assessments; administrative and judicial review; time limits
§ 3345 Payment of employer’s assessments
§ 3346 Deductibility of employer’s assessments from employee’s wages
§ 3347 Fractions of a cent
§ 3348 Average employer assessment rate; average industry assessment rate; average construction industry assessment rate; new employer rate; standard rate of assessment
§ 3349 General limitations on reduction of new employer rate
§ 3350 Variations from new employer rate
§ 3351 Assessment rates after termination of employer’s military service
§ 3352 Joint accounts of employers
§ 3353 Transfers of experience and assignment of rates
§ 3354 Notice of determination of rate of assessments; administrative and judicial review; time limits
§ 3355 Notice to employers of benefits paid and status of accounts; employer applications for review and redetermination of benefit wages charged to their experience merit rating accounts (relief from charges)
§ 3356 Effect of amendment of Federal Unemployment Tax Act
§ 3357 Interest on past-due assessments and reimbursement payments in lieu of assessments
§ 3358 Civil actions for collection of assessments and interest
§ 3359 Assessment of employer’s liability upon neglect or refusal to make assessment report; protest and hearing
§ 3360 Assessments, penalties and interest as debt to Fund; reduction to judgment; other means of collection
§ 3361 Special procedure to obtain judgment; notice and lien of judgment; judicial review
§ 3362 Acquisition of business or assets of another employing unit; liability for debt of predecessor
§ 3363 Priority of claim for employer’s assessments upon insolvency or other distribution of employer’s assets
§ 3364 Compromise of claims
§ 3365 Adjustments and refunds
§ 3366 Order of crediting payments on account
§ 3367 Jeopardy assessments