The following entities are exempt from the fee requirements specified in Rule Fla. Admin. Code R. 14-26.008, above:
    (1) Governmental Entities.
    (2) Special taxing districts.
    (3) Seminole Tribe as defined in Florida Statutes Chapter 285
    (4) Any person or entity moving portable public school buildings.
    (5) Implement of husbandry, farm equipment, agricultural trailers and forestry equipment (oversize only) as provided in Florida Statutes § 316.515(5)
    (6) Movement of loads in response to a Governor’s Declaration of Emergency.
These vehicles must obtain an overweight and/or overdimensional permit to operate on state owned roadways.
Rulemaking Authority 316.550 FS. Law Implemented 316.550, 316.565 FS. History—New 8-26-82, Formerly 14-26.09, Amended 6-23-96, 11-10-98, 2-1-10, 10-4-10, 2-5-13.