(1) Each axle must have tires of the same size and construction. Tires must be properly inflated for the load to be carried. In no event shall any tire, wheel or rim exceed the manufacturer’s maximum load-carrying limit. Tires and tire usage must be consistent with the requirements of 49 C.F.R., Section 393.75, rev. 10/08, as required by Florida Statutes § 316.302(1)
    (2) A vehicle equipped with dual tires may have the dual tires replaced by a single tire so long as the vehicle, axle, and tire load ratings are not exceeded.
    (3) No tire may exceed 550 pounds per inch of tire section width (plus scale tolerance) as defined by the rating molded in the tire sidewall. For example, a designation of 445/50R22.5 designates a tire section width of 445 mm (17.5 inches).
Rulemaking Authority Florida Statutes § 316.302(1), 334.044(2). Law Implemented 316.302(1), 316.535(6) FS. History—New 2-1-10, Amended 2-5-13.