Each county electing to participate in the HMGP must have a formal LMS Working Group and a current FEMA approved LMS.
    (1) Not later than the last working weekday of January of each year the Chairperson of the Board of County Commissioners shall submit to the Division a list of the members of the Working Group and its designated Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.
    (2) The Working Group shall include, at a minimum:
    (a) Representation from various agencies of county government which may include, but not be limited to, planning and zoning, roads, public works and emergency management;
    (b) Representation from all interested municipalities within the county; and
    (c) Representation from interested private organizations, civic organizations, trade and commercial support groups, property owners associations, Native American Tribes or authorized tribal organizations, water management districts, regional planning councils, independent special districts and non-profit organizations.
    (3) The county shall submit documentation to show that within the preceding year it has issued a written invitation to each municipality, private organization, civic organization, Native American Tribe or authorized tribal organization, water management district, independent special district and non-profit organization, as applicable, to participate in the LMS working group. This documentation shall accompany the membership list submitted to the Division.
    (4) The Working Group shall have the following responsibilities:
    (a) To designate a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson;
    (b) To develop and revise an LMS as necessary;
    (c) To coordinate all mitigation activities within the County;
    (d) To set an order of priority for local mitigation projects; and
    (e) To submit annual LMS updates to the Division by the last working weekday of each January. Updates shall address, at a minimum:
    1. List of Working Group Members including Chair and Vice-Chair;
    2. Changes to the hazard assessment;
    3. Updated project priority list including estimated costs and potential funding sources;
    4. Changes to the critical facilities list;
    5. Changes to the repetitive loss list; and
    6. Revisions to any maps.
Rulemaking Authority 252.35(2)(x) FS. Law Implemented 252.311, 252.32, 252.35 FS. History—New 2-24-02, Formerly 9G-22.004, Amended 7-18-13, 11-24-20.