Effective date: 5/4/2015

    The registered nurse and the licensed practical nurse shall:
    (1) Be responsible for the clinical records for their patients. The clinical records shall be filed with the nurse registry, for each patient or client to whom they are giving care in the home or place of residence. Clinical notes and clinical records related to care given under a staffing arrangement are maintained by the facility where the staffing contract is arranged;
    (2) Be responsible for maintaining the medical plan of treatment with clinical notes and filing the initial medical plan of treatment, any amendments to the plan, any additional order or change in orders, and a copy of the clinical notes at the office of the nurse registry.
Rulemaking Authority 400.497, 400.506 FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 400.497, 400.506. History—New 2-9-93, Amended 1-27-94, 12-24-00, 5-4-15.