Chapter 64B9-1 Organization
Chapter 64B9-2 Nursing Programs
Chapter 64B9-3 Requirements for Licensure
Chapter 64B9-4 Administrative Policies Pertaining to Certification of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners
Chapter 64B9-5 Continuing Education Requirements
Chapter 64B9-6 Inactive Status and Reactivation of Inactive License
Chapter 64B9-7 Fees
Chapter 64B9-8 Hearings, Proceedings, Conferences, Discipline
Chapter 64B9-11 Maintenance of Medical Records
Chapter 64B9-12 Administration of Intravenous Therapy by Licensed Practical Nurses
Chapter 64B9-13 Home Hemodialysis Treatments
Chapter 64B9-14 Delegation to Unlicensed Assistive Personnel
Chapter 64B9-15 Certified Nursing Assistants
Chapter 64B9-16 Lpn Supervision in Nursing Home Facilities.