Effective date: 2/25/2015

    (1) Citrus nursery sites must be a minimum of one mile away from commercial citrus groves and 100 feet away from plants not certified by the department as being free of nematodes listed in Rule 5B-62.003, F.A.C., and free of any exterior, field or container grown plants from all genera, species, and varieties of the Rutaceous subfamilies Aurantioideae, Rutoideae, and Toddalioideae. Citrus nurseries located on sites prior to April 1, 2006, will not be required to comply with the one mile setback from commercial citrus groves while continuously operating at the April 1, 2006, location.
    (2) Sites found to be infested with nematodes listed in Rule 5B-62.003, F.A.C., will not be approved for in-ground production of citrus nursery stock. Citrus nursery stock may be produced on the site if grown on benches at least 18 inches above ground.
    (3) The site must be well drained with no runoff from surrounding areas.
    (4) The site must have designated parking outside the fenced facility.
    (5) The site must incorporate an area for deliveries and shipments.
    (6) The site must have a water supply for irrigation without using surface water.
    (7) The site must incorporate natural or artificial windbreaks designed to reduce windblown rain.
    (8) The site must be fenced, or have a barrier of equal integrity, and all entrances must be secured.
    (9) Site access must have permitted entry only through an area that incorporates decontamination areas for personnel and equipment.
Rulemaking Authority 570.07(23), 581.031(1), (3), (8), 581.1843(3), (4) FS. Law Implemented 570.07(2), (13), 581.031(1), (14), (17), (23), 581.1843(3), (4) FS. History—New 12-26-06, Amended 2-25-15.