R. 5B-62.001 Definitions and Purpose
R. 5B-62.003 Plant Pest Declaration
R. 5B-62.004 Manuals
R. 5B-62.005 Forms
R. 5B-62.006 Citrus Budwood Technical Advisory Committee
R. 5B-62.007 Citrus Nursery Stock Certification Program
R. 5B-62.008 Requirements for Citrus Nursery Site Approval
R. 5B-62.009 Requirements for Citrus Nursery Sanitation
R. 5B-62.010 Requirements for Citrus Nursery Structure
R. 5B-62.011 Requirements for Citrus Propagation
R. 5B-62.012 Source Trees
R. 5B-62.013 Parent Trees
R. 5B-62.014 Foundation Trees
R. 5B-62.015 Scion Trees
R. 5B-62.016 Increase Trees
R. 5B-62.017 Source Tree Registration Certificate
R. 5B-62.018 Procedure for Identifying and Recording Commercial Citrus Nursery Stock
R. 5B-62.019 Inter- or Intra-Nursery Movement of Plant Material
R. 5B-62.020 Retail Sales
R. 5B-62.021 Requirements for Soil Pit Approval
R. 5B-62.022 Requirements for Utility and Road Construction
R. 5B-62.023 Stop-Sale Notice and Hold Order
R. 5B-62.024 Release from Quarantine or Withdrawal of Stop-Sale Notice and Hold Order
R. 5B-62.025 Fees
R. 5B-62.026 Citrus Produced for Research Purposes
R. 5B-62.027 Exemptions
R. 5B-62.028 Citrus Seed
R. 5B-62.029 Micropropagation of Citrus Rootstocks and Plants