§ 601.01 Short title
§ 601.02 Purposes
§ 601.03 Definitions
§ 601.04 Florida Citrus Commission; creation and membership
§ 601.045 Commission meetings; report of department’s internal auditor.
§ 601.05 Department of Citrus a body corporate
§ 601.06 Compensation and expenses of commission members
§ 601.07 Location of executive offices
§ 601.08 Authenticated copies of commission records as evidence
§ 601.09 Citrus districts
§ 601.091 Florida SunRidge, Indian River, and Gulf production areas, boundaries and designation
§ 601.10 Powers of the Department of Citrus
§ 601.101 Ownership of rights under patent and trademark laws developed or acquired under this chapter
§ 601.11 Department of Citrus; power to establish standards; rulemaking authority
§ 601.111 Maturity standards; modification by emergency rule
§ 601.13 Citrus research; administration by Department of Citrus; appropriation
§ 601.15 Advertising campaign; methods of conducting; assessments; emergency reserve fund; citrus research
§ 601.152 Special marketing orders
§ 601.155 Equalizing assessment; credit; exemption
§ 601.24 Department of Citrus to prescribe methods of testing and grading
§ 601.25 Determination of soluble solids and acid
§ 601.27 Department of Agriculture; citrus inspectors
§ 601.28 Inspection fees
§ 601.281 Road guard fees
§ 601.29 Powers of Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
§ 601.31 Citrus inspectors; employment
§ 601.32 Compensation of inspectors
§ 601.33 Interference with inspectors
§ 601.34 Duties of law enforcement officers
§ 601.35 Disputes as to quality, etc.; procedure
§ 601.36 Inspection information required when two or more lots of fruit run simultaneously
§ 601.37 Unlawful acts of inspectors
§ 601.38 Citrus inspectors; authority
§ 601.39 Special inspectors
§ 601.40 Registration of citrus packinghouses, processing plants with Department of Agriculture
§ 601.41 Operation without registration unlawful
§ 601.42 Revocation of registration
§ 601.43 Immature and unfit citrus fruit; individual sampling
§ 601.44 Destruction of immature fruit
§ 601.45 Grading of fresh citrus fruit
§ 601.46 Condition precedent to sale of citrus fruit
§ 601.461 Falsification of weights; penalty
§ 601.47 Condition precedent to processing citrus
§ 601.471 Definition of “canned or concentrated citrus fruit products” expanded.
§ 601.48 Grading processed citrus products
§ 601.49 Condition precedent to selling processed citrus products
§ 601.50 Exemptions; sale or shipment of citrus or citrus products for certain purposes
§ 601.501 Charitable shipments exempt from assessments
§ 601.51 Certification required for shipment of citrus fruit or products
§ 601.52 Carriers not to accept fruit without evidence of payment of assessments and fees
§ 601.53 Unlawful to process unwholesome citrus
§ 601.54 Seizure of unwholesome fruit by Department of Agriculture’s agents.
§ 601.55 Citrus fruit dealer; license required
§ 601.56 Application for dealers’ licenses; requirements.
§ 601.57 Examination of application; approval of dealers’ licenses.
§ 601.58 Application approval or disapproval
§ 601.59 Dealer’s license fee; agent’s registration fee.
§ 601.60 Issuance of dealers’ licenses.
§ 601.601 Registration of dealers’ agents.
§ 601.61 Bond requirements of citrus fruit dealers
§ 601.611 Applicable law in event ch. 61-389 held invalid
§ 601.64 Citrus fruit dealers; unlawful acts
§ 601.641 Fraudulent representations, penalties
§ 601.65 Liability of citrus fruit dealers
§ 601.66 Complaints of violations by citrus fruit dealers; procedure; bond distribution; court action on bond
§ 601.67 Disciplinary action by Department of Agriculture against citrus fruit dealers
§ 601.671 Appropriation of fines collected
§ 601.68 Investigation of violations
§ 601.69 Records to be kept by citrus fruit dealers
§ 601.70 Inspection of records by Department of Agriculture
§ 601.701 Penalty for failure to keep records
§ 601.72 Penalties for violations
§ 601.73 Additional methods of enforcement
§ 601.731 Transporting citrus on highways; name and dealer designation on vehicles; load identification; penalty
§ 601.74 Fees for licensing and analysis of processing materials
§ 601.76 Manufacturer to furnish formula and other information
§ 601.79 To color grapefruit and tangerines prohibited
§ 601.80 Unlawful to use uncertified coloring matter
§ 601.85 Standard shipping box for fresh fruit
§ 601.86 Standard field boxes for fresh citrus fruit
§ 601.88 Oversized boxes to be stamped
§ 601.89 Citrus fruit; when damaged by freezing
§ 601.91 Unlawful to sell, transport, prepare, receive, or deliver freeze-damaged citrus
§ 601.92 Use of arsenic in connection with citrus
§ 601.93 Sale of citrus containing arsenic
§ 601.94 Fruit containing arsenic; powers of inspection
§ 601.95 Seizure of citrus fruit containing arsenic
§ 601.96 Seized fruit; taking samples for analysis
§ 601.97 Destruction of certain fruit containing arsenic
§ 601.98 Shipment, sale, or offer of imported citrus fruit or citrus products
§ 601.99 Unlawful to misbrand wrappers or packages containing citrus fruit
§ 601.9901 Certificates of inspection; form
§ 601.9902 Payment of salaries and expenses; Department of Citrus
§ 601.9903 Annual report of Department of Citrus
§ 601.99035 Annual travel report of Department of Citrus
§ 601.99036 Approval of specified salary changes
§ 601.9904 Frozen citrus juices; rules of Department of Citrus
§ 601.9908 Canned tangerine juice; standards; labeling
§ 601.9910 Legislative findings of fact; strict enforcement of maturity standard in public interest
§ 601.9911 Fruit may be sold or transported direct from producer
§ 601.9912 Penalties
§ 601.9918 Rules related to issuance and use of symbols
§ 601.992 Collection of dues and other payments on behalf of certain nonprofit corporations engaged in market news and grower education

Terms Used In Florida Statutes > Chapter 601

  • Additive: means any foreign substance which, when added to any citrus fruit juice, will change the amount of total soluble solids or anhydrous citric acid therein, or the color or taste thereof, or act as an artificial preservative thereof. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Affiliate: means a person that, directly or indirectly, owns at least 10 percent but less than 25 percent of the financial guaranty insurance corporation or that is at least 10 percent but less than 25 percent, directly or indirectly, owned by a financial guaranty insurance corporation. See Florida Statutes 627.971
  • Agent: means any person who, on behalf of any citrus fruit dealer, negotiates the consignment, purchase, or sale of citrus fruit, or weighs citrus fruit so that the weight thereof may be used in computing the amount to be paid therefor. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Average annual debt service: means the amount of insured unpaid principal and interest on an issue of obligations, multiplied by the number of the insured obligations in the issue, each obligation representing a $1,000 par value, divided by an amount equal to the aggregate life of all the obligations in the issue. See Florida Statutes 627.971
  • Broker: means any person engaged in the business of negotiating the sale or purchase of citrus fruit for others. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Canning plant: means any building, structure, or place where citrus fruit or the juice thereof is canned or prepared for canning at a concentration that does not exceed 20 degrees Brix for market or shipment. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Captive insurance company: means a domestic insurer established under this part. See Florida Statutes 628.901
  • Captive reinsurance company: means a reinsurance company that is formed and licensed under this part and is wholly owned by a qualifying reinsurance parent company. See Florida Statutes 628.901
  • Citrus fruit: means all varieties and regulated hybrids of citrus fruit and also means processed citrus products containing 20 percent or more citrus fruit or citrus fruit juice. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Citrus fruit dealer: means any consignor, commission merchant, consignment shipper, cash buyer, broker, association, cooperative association, express or gift fruit shipper, or person who in any manner makes or attempts to make money or other thing of value on citrus fruit in any manner whatsoever, other than of growing or producing citrus fruit. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Citrus hybrids: includes , but is not limited to, hybrids between or among sour orange (C. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Collateral: means :
    (a) Cash;
    (b) The market value of investment grade securities, other than securities evidencing an interest in the projects financed with the proceeds of the insured obligations;
    (c) The scheduled cash flow from investment grade obligations scheduled to be received on or prior to the date of scheduled debt service on the insured obligation;
    (d) A conveyance or mortgage of real property; or
    (e) A letter of credit;

    if deposited with or held by the corporation; held in trust by a trustee, acceptable to the office, for the benefit of the corporation; or held in trust, pursuant to the bond indenture, by a trustee acceptable to the office, for the benefit of bondholders in the form of sinking funds or other reserves which may be used solely for the payment of debt service. See Florida Statutes 627.971

  • Coloring matter: means any dye, or any liquid or concentrate or material containing a dye or materials that react to form a dye, used or intended to be used for the purpose of enhancing the color of citrus fruit by the addition of artificial color to the peel thereof. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Commission: means the Florida Citrus Commission as head of the department. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Concentrated products: means :
    (a) Frozen citrus fruit juice that has a concentration that exceeds 20 degrees Brix and is kept at a sufficiently freezing temperature to ensure preservation of the product; or
    (b) Citrus fruit juice that is sealed in hermetically sealed containers at a concentration that exceeds 20 degrees Brix and is sufficiently processed by heat to ensure preservation of the product. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Concentrating plant: means any building, structure, or place where citrus fruit is canned, frozen, or prepared for canning or freezing at a concentration that exceeds 20 degrees Brix for market or shipment. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Consolidation: means any transaction in which a financial institution or servicer makes its premium collection services available to its mortgage debtors in connection with a particular insurer's ("new insurer") offer of mortgage insurance, which offer is made to debtors who, immediately prior to the offer, had mortgage insurance with another insurer ("old insurer") and were paying premiums for that insurance with their monthly mortgage payments. See Florida Statutes 627.982
  • Contingency reserve: means an additional liability reserve established to protect policyholders against the effects of adverse economic cycles or other unforeseen circumstances. See Florida Statutes 627.971
  • Degreening room: means any room or place where citrus fruit is placed, with or without the use of heat or any gas, for the purpose of bringing out the natural color of the fruit. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Department: means the Department of Citrus. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Department of Agriculture: means the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Financial guaranty insurance: means a surety bond, insurance policy, an indemnity contract issued by an insurer, or any similar guaranty, under which loss is payable upon proof of occurrence of financial loss to an insured claimant, obligee, or indemnitee as a result of:
  • Financial guaranty insurance corporation: means a stock or mutual insurer licensed to transact financial guaranty insurance business in this state. See Florida Statutes 627.971
  • Grapefruit: means the fruit Citrus paradisi Macf. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Handler: means any person engaged within this state in the business of distributing citrus fruit in the primary channel of trade or any person engaged as a processor in the business of processing citrus fruit. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Hazardous financial condition: means that, based on its present or reasonably anticipated financial condition, a risk retention group, although not yet financially impaired or insolvent, is unlikely to be able:
    (a) To meet obligations to policyholders with respect to known claims and reasonably anticipated claims; or
    (b) To pay other obligations in the normal course of business. See Florida Statutes 627.942
  • Industrial insured: means an insured that:
    (a) Has gross assets in excess of $50 million;
    (b) Procures insurance through the use of a full-time employee of the insured who acts as an insurance manager or buyer or through the services of a person licensed as a property and casualty insurance agent, broker, or consultant in such person's state of domicile;
    (c) Has at least 100 full-time employees; and
    (d) Pays annual premiums of at least $200,000 for each line of insurance purchased from the industrial insured captive insurance company or at least $75,000 for any line of coverage in excess of at least $25 million in the annual aggregate. See Florida Statutes 628.901
  • Industrial insured captive insurance company: means a company that provides insurance only to the industrial insureds that are its stockholders or members, and affiliates thereof, or to the stockholders, and affiliates thereof, of its parent corporation. See Florida Statutes 628.901
  • Intermediate holding company: means :
    (a) A holding company that is a subsidiary of a mutual insurance holding company, and which directly or through a subsidiary intermediate holding company owns a majority of the voting shares of the capital stock of one or more subsidiary insurance companies; or
    (b) A holding company that is a not-for-profit corporation and a subsidiary of a mutual insurance holding company, of which a majority of the voting membership interests entitled to elect the board of directors of such corporation are owned, directly or through a subsidiary intermediate holding company, by the mutual insurance holding company. See Florida Statutes 628.703
  • Liability: means legal liability for damages, including costs of defense, legal costs and fees, and other claims expenses, because of injuries to other persons, damage to their property, or other damage or loss to such other persons resulting from or arising out of:
    (a) Any business, whether for profit or nonprofit, trade, product, services (including professional services), premises, or operations; or
    (b) Any activity of any state or local government, or any agency or political subdivision thereof. See Florida Statutes 627.942
  • Loan transfer: means a transaction in which the servicing of a block of mortgage loans is transferred from one servicer to another. See Florida Statutes 627.982
  • majority of the voting shares of the capital stock: means the shares of the capital stock of such company which carry the right to cast a majority of the votes entitled to be cast by all of the outstanding shares of the capital stock for the election of directors. See Florida Statutes 628.703
  • Manufacturer: means any person who manufactures, sells or offers for sale, or licenses or offers for license for use any coloring matter, or any soaps, oils, waxes, gases, gas-forming material, or other similar compositions, or the component parts thereof on or in the processing of citrus fruits. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Mortgage insurance: means life, accidental death, or disability insurance, or any combination thereof, designed to pay off all or a part of a mortgage loan in the event of the insured's death or disability. See Florida Statutes 627.982
  • mortgage loan: means an indebtedness of more than 10 years' duration which is secured by a first real estate mortgage and which is not subject to part IX. See Florida Statutes 627.982
  • Municipal bonds: means municipal obligation bonds and industrial development bonds. See Florida Statutes 627.971
  • Mutual insurance holding company: means an incorporated entity without permanent capital stock which is organized under this part and whose members are determined in accordance with this part. See Florida Statutes 628.703
  • new plan: means the mortgage insurance coverage or mortgage insurance plan for which the financial institution collects premiums beginning on the effective date of consolidation. See Florida Statutes 627.982
  • Nonprofit health care plan: means a not-for-profit domestic or foreign hospital or medical and surgical service plan or corporation that is licensed in one or more states, issues no capital stock, and is engaged in the business of providing prepaid indemnity or health care benefits. See Florida Statutes 628.703
  • oath: includes affirmations. See Florida Statutes 88.6011
  • Office: means the Office of Insurance Regulation. See Florida Statutes 628.901
  • Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability: means an entity designated by joint rule of the Legislature or by agreement between the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. See Florida Statutes 88.6011
  • old plan: means the mortgage insurance coverage or mortgage insurance plan the insured debtor had or participated in immediately prior to the consolidation. See Florida Statutes 627.982
  • Oranges: means the fruit Citrus sinensis Osbeck, commonly called sweet oranges. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Packinghouse: means any building, structure, or place where citrus fruit is packed or otherwise prepared for market or shipment in fresh form. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Paid premiums: means all premiums paid for insurance by a member of a mutual insurance holding company to a subsidiary insurance company. See Florida Statutes 628.703
  • Parent: means any corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or individual that directly or indirectly owns, controls, or holds with power to vote more than 50 percent of the outstanding voting interests of a captive insurance company. See Florida Statutes 628.901
  • Person: means any natural person, partnership, association, corporation, trust, estate, or other legal entity. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • person: includes individuals, children, firms, associations, joint adventures, partnerships, estates, trusts, business trusts, syndicates, fiduciaries, corporations, and all other groups or combinations. See Florida Statutes 88.6011
  • political subdivision: include counties, cities, towns, villages, special tax school districts, special road and bridge districts, bridge districts, and all other districts in this state. See Florida Statutes 88.6011
  • Primary channel of trade: means the routes through which citrus fruit is marketed. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Processor: means any person engaged within this state in the business of canning, concentrating, or otherwise processing citrus fruit for market other than for shipment in fresh fruit form. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Producer: means any person growing or producing citrus in this state for market. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Purchasing group: means any group which:
    (a) Has as one of its purposes the purchase of liability insurance on a group basis. See Florida Statutes 627.942
  • Pure captive insurance company: means a company that insures risks of its parent, affiliated companies, controlled unaffiliated businesses, or a combination thereof. See Florida Statutes 628.901
  • registered mail: include certified mail with return receipt requested. See Florida Statutes 88.6011
  • Reinsurance: means cessions qualifying for credit under…. See Florida Statutes 627.971
  • Risk retention group: means any corporation or other limited liability association:
    (a) Whose primary activity consists of assuming and spreading all or any portion of the liability exposure of its group members. See Florida Statutes 627.942
  • servicer: means any entity or organization that services mortgage loans by collecting and accounting for monthly mortgage payments. See Florida Statutes 627.982
  • Shipper: means any person engaged in shipping, or causing to be shipped, citrus fruit or the canned or concentrated products thereof in intrastate, interstate, or foreign commerce, whether as owner, agent, or otherwise. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • shipping: means to move, or cause to be moved, citrus fruit or the canned or concentrated products thereof in intrastate, interstate, or foreign commerce by rail, truck, boat, airplane, or any other means. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Shipping season: means that period beginning August 1 of one year and ending July 31 of the following year. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • Special purpose captive insurance company: means a captive insurance company that is formed or licensed under this chapter that does not meet the definition of any other type of captive insurance company defined in this section. See Florida Statutes 628.901
  • Standard-packed box: means 13/5 bushels of citrus fruit, whether in bulk or containers. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • State: means any state of the United States or the District of Columbia. See Florida Statutes 627.942
  • Subsidiary insurance company: means :
    (a) A stock insurance company, of which the majority of the voting shares of the capital stock are at all times owned by a mutual insurance holding company. See Florida Statutes 628.703
  • Tangerines: means the fruit Citrus reticulata Blanco, commonly called tangerines. See Florida Statutes 627.953
  • writing: includes handwriting, printing, typewriting, and all other methods and means of forming letters and characters upon paper, stone, wood, or other materials. See Florida Statutes 88.6011