Effective date: 2/25/2015

    Retail sales of dooryard citrus nursery stock shall abide by the following:
    (1) All dooryard nursery stock shall originate from greenhouse nursery sites that have produced trees according to Rules 5B-62.007-.011, F.A.C.
    (2) All citrus nursery stock maintained for retail sale, including larger landscape citrus trees, must be segregated from other nursery stock and maintained in a secure screen enclosure.
    (a) Prior to entering the enclosure and upon exiting the enclosure, employees and customers must decontaminate hands, shoes and other articles coming into contact with citrus with an approved decontamination product.
    (b) Retail outlets having fewer than 250 citrus trees in stock or retail sales areas within a larger nursery where fewer than 250 citrus trees are displayed for sale at any given time are exempt from subsection (2), provided the trees are maintained pest- and disease-free.
    (3) All retail citrus trees must be tagged with information to identify the variety of the root stock and scion stock and producing nursery. Each individual tree shall be identified with a slip-on label displaying the following information:
    (a) The producing nursery’s certificate of nursery registration number that was issued by the department. It is not necessary to include the name of the producing nursery on the label.
    (b) The variety name, rootstock and month and year acquired.
    (4) Unsold citrus trees at a retail outlet must not be returned to the producing nursery or placed back within the structure. Citrus trees may be returned to the nursery in cases where delivery to the retail outlet was not possible provided they are segregated from other citrus nursery stock.
    (5) Any retail citrus tree found to be infested with or exposed to the Asian citrus psyllid shall be subject to quarantine action.
Rulemaking Authority 570.07(23), 581.031(1), (3), (8) FS. Law Implemented 570.07(2), (13), 581.031(1), (14), (17), (23), 581.1843(3), (4) FS. History—New 12-26-06, Amended 2-25-15.