Effective date: 2/2/2006

    Upon the adoption of the proposed rule, Form DACS-06114. (form effective date: January 3, 2006) entitled, Agriculture Education and Promotion Facility Request for Funding, shall be required by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as procedure according to Section 120.55(1)(a)4., F.S. The application is incorporated by reference and may be obtained by contacting the Construction Project Consultant II, Division of Administration, Bureau of General Services, 407 S. Calhoun Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0800, Phone: (850)617-7089, or Email: Ageducationfacility@freshfromflorida.com.
Rulemaking authorized by Florida Statutes § 288.1175(2). Implements Florida Statutes § 288.1175. History—New 2-2-06.