It shall be the duty of inspectors to affix a sticker to each petroleum measuring device, signifying that the device is inspected by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and that the device owner is responsible for its proper use and maintenance. Stickers shall be placed at such a point upon measuring device where they may be easily read by the public but not at a point where they will interfere with other descriptive material on the device such as figures, lettering or words. It shall be a violation of this rule for any person, unless authorized by the Department, to remove, deface, conceal or in any way obliterate or change this official sticker after it has been affixed by an inspector.
Rulemaking Authority 525.14, 570.07(23) FS. Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 525.07. History—New 12-31-74, Formerly 5F-2.06, Amended 1-3-10, 1-7-15, Formerly 5F-2.006, Amended 11-15-20.