Effective date: 11/10/2015

    (1) The general code and the codes of liquid-measuring devices, liquefied petroleum gas and anhydrous ammonia liquid-measuring devices, hydrocarbon gas vapor-measuring devices, vehicle-tank meters, and vehicle tanks used as measures relating to specifications, tolerances, and other technical requirements for commercial weighing and measuring devices, contained in National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44, are adopted and incorporated by reference in Rule 5F-5.001, F.A.C.
    (2) All operating petroleum fuel measuring devices must be sealed with an appropriate security seal in such a manner that the metering adjustment cannot be changed without breaking the seal. An appropriate security seal is one which has been applied by the Department or a person who is registered with the Department as a meter mechanic and bears the name or initials of the registered meter mechanic.
    (3) Any registered person or agency that has installed a petroleum fuel measuring device must report the existence of the petroleum device to the department at (850)921-1545 or by fax at (850)921-1548, within twenty-four (24) hours after installation, but no sooner than 10 days prior to installation using FDACS-03017, Placed in Service Report, Rev. 7/15, hereby incorporated by reference. Copies of this form may be accessed at http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-05889.
    (4) Each dispensing device from which diesel fuel is sold at retail shall be equipped with a nozzle spout that conforms to SAE International J285, MAY2012, “Dispenser Nozzle Spouts for Liquid Fuels Intended for Use with Spark Ignition and Compression Ignition Engines,” and is hereby incorporated by reference. Copies of this publication may be obtained at http://standards.sae.org. This code is also available for public inspection during regular business hours at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Consumer Services, Bureau of Standards, 3125 Conner Boulevard, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1650. Posting of this material on the internet for purposes of public examination would violate federal copyright law.
    (5) All retail motor fuel dispensers in operation at self-service facilities shall comply with the provisions of Section 526.141(5)(b), F.S.
    (a) As used in Section 526.141(5)(b), F.S., the term “pump” means the face of a motor fuel dispenser or a stand-alone unit as described in paragraph (b) of this subsection.
    (b) The term “affixed,” as used in Section 526.141(5)(b), F.S., means:
    1. Directly attached to the pump on the upper fifty percent of the front panel in a position clear and conspicuous from the driver’s position; or
    2. Directly attached to a stand-alone unit located no more than 36” from either side of the motor fuel dispenser, at a height equivalent to the upper fifty percent of the motor fuel dispenser’s front panel, and in a position clear and conspicuous from the driver’s position. If a stand-alone unit is used, it must contain controls to communicate directly with the self-service facility’s staff.
    (6) Any measuring device that fails to meet applicable requirements, as adopted in subsections (1) or (2) of this section, shall be placed out of service by the department using FDACS-03539, Out of Service, Rev. 08/12, adopted and incorporated by reference in Rule 5J-21.006, F.A.C., prohibiting the use of the measuring device. Upon conformance with the applicable requirement, the Out of Service tag shall be removed from the measuring device.
Rulemaking Authority 525.14, 526.09, 526.141(5)(b), 531.40, 531.41(3), 570.07(23) FS. Law Implemented 525.07, 526.141(5)(b), 531.40 FS. History—New 1-1-74, Amended 7-1-74, Repromulgated 12-31-74, Amended 4-18-75, 1-25-76, 1-17-77, 2-15-79, 6-4-80, 4-5-81, 5-2-82, 6-30-83, 7-15-84, 8-11-85, Formerly 5F-2.14, Amended 7-7-86, 4-5-87, 4-27-88, 5-31-89, 8-21-90, 8-5-91, 12-10-92, 11-29-94, 11-13-97, 12-9-98, 8-3-99, 7-31-00, 9-3-01, 8-15-02, 6-29-03, 6-21-04, 6-1-06, 5-6-08, 1-3-10, 1-7-15, Formerly 5F-2.014, Amended 11-10-15.