Article 1 General Provisions
Article 2 Sale of Motor Vehicle Fuels and Lubricants
Article 3 Hours of Business
Article 4 Motor Oil Fee
Article 5 Standards for Spark-Ignition Fuels
Article 5.5 Standards for Alternative Fuels
Article 6 Standards for Compression-Ignition Engine Fuels, Kerosene, and Fuel Oils
Article 7 Standards for Lubricating Oils and Oils Used to Lubricate Transmissions, Gears, or Axles
Article 8 Price Indications on Motor Vehicle Fuel Dispensing Apparatus
Article 9 Labeling
Article 10 Tank Vehicles
Article 11 Basis of Settlement
Article 12 Price Sign Advertising
Article 13 Inducements for the Sale of Motor Vehicle Fuel
Article 14 Passing Off
Article 16 Enforcement
Article 17 Penalties
Article 18 Disposition and Use of Moneys

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