Effective date: 7/27/2004

    Resuscitation may be withheld or withdrawn from a patient by a treating physician licensed pursuant to Chapter 458, F.S., if evidence of an order not to resuscitate by the patient’s physician is presented to the treating physician. An order not to resuscitate, to be valid, must be on the form as set forth in Florida Statutes § 401.45 The form must be signed by the patient’s physician and by the patient, or, if the patient is incapacitated, the patient’s health care surrogate, or proxy as provided in Chapter 765, F.S.; court appointed guardian as provided in Chapter 744, F.S.; or attorney in fact under a durable power of attorney as provided in Chapter 709, F.S. The court appointed guardian or attorney in fact must have been delegated authority to make health care decisions on behalf of the patient.
Rulemaking Authority 458.331(1)(v) FS. Law Implemented 458.331(1)(v) FS. History—New 7-27-04.