R. 64B8-9.001 Physician Office Adverse Incident Reporting
R. 64B8-9.003 Standards for Adequacy of Medical Records
R. 64B8-9.007 Standards of Practice
R. 64B8-9.008 Sexual Misconduct
R. 64B8-9.009 Standard of Care for Office Surgery
R. 64B8-9.0091 Requirement for Physician Office Registration; Inspection or Accreditation
R. 64B8-9.0092 Approval of Physician Office Accrediting Organizations
R. 64B8-9.012 Standards for the Prescription of Obesity Drugs
R. 64B8-9.013 Standards for the Use of Controlled Substances for the Treatment of Pain
R. 64B8-9.0131 Training Requirements for Physicians Practicing in Pain Management Clinics
R. 64B8-9.0132 Requirement for Pain Management Clinic Registration; Inspection or Accreditation
R. 64B8-9.0141 Standards for Telemedicine Practice
R. 64B8-9.016 Physician Practice Standard Regarding Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders
R. 64B8-9.017 Optional Informed Consent for Cataract Surgery