Effective date: 4/9/1998

    (1) Aspects of intravenous therapy which are outside the scope of practice of the licensed practical nurse unless under the direct supervision of the registered professional nurse or physician and which shall not be performed or initiated by licensed practical nurses without direct supervision include the following:
    (a) Initiation of blood and blood products;
    (b) Initiation or administration of cancer chemotherapy;
    (c) Initiation of plasma expanders;
    (d) Initiation or administration of investigational drugs;
    (e) Mixing IV solution;
    (f) IV pushes, except heparin flushes and saline flushes.
    (2) Although this rule limits the scope of licensed practical nurse practice, it is appropriate for licensed practical nurses to care for patients receiving such therapy.
Rulemaking Authority 456.013(2), 490.004(4) FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 456.013(2). History—New 1-16-91, Formerly 21O-21.003, 61F7-12.003, 59S-12.003, Amended 4-9-98.