R. 69K-17.001 Examination Fees for Embalmers and Funeral Directors; Manner of Application.
R. 69K-17.0015 Security and Monitoring Procedures for Licensure Examination.
R. 69K-17.002 Application Fees; Licensure by Endorsement for Embalmers and Funeral Directors.
R. 69K-17.0025 Active Status License.
R. 69K-17.0026 Inactive Status License.
R. 69K-17.0027 Delinquent License.
R. 69K-17.003 Fees.
R. 69K-17.0030 Direct Disposer/Establishment; Fees
R. 69K-17.0034 Continuing Education for License Renewal
R. 69K-17.0035 Communicable Disease Education Required for Operational Personnel.
R. 69K-17.0036 Course Required for Initial Licensure
R. 69K-17.004 Continuing Education for Reactivation.
R. 69K-17.0041 Continuing Education Provider Requirements.
R. 69K-17.0042 Approval of Continuing Education Courses.
R. 69K-17.0043 Required Records Maintained by Provider.
R. 69K-17.0044 Advertising of Continuing Education Courses.
R. 69K-17.008 Delinquency Fee.
R. 69K-17.009 Processing Fee.
R. 69K-17.010 Inactive Status Fee.
R. 69K-17.011 Reactivation Fee.

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  • Fraud: Intentional deception resulting in injury to another.