(1) Any person is qualified for licensure as a massage therapist under this act who:

(a) Is at least 18 years of age or has received a high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma;

Terms Used In Florida Statutes 480.041

  • Felony: A crime carrying a penalty of more than a year in prison.
  • Jurisdiction: (1) The legal authority of a court to hear and decide a case. Concurrent jurisdiction exists when two courts have simultaneous responsibility for the same case. (2) The geographic area over which the court has authority to decide cases.
  • minor: includes any person who has not attained the age of 18 years. See Florida Statutes 1.01
  • Nolo contendere: No contest-has the same effect as a plea of guilty, as far as the criminal sentence is concerned, but may not be considered as an admission of guilt for any other purpose.
  • Plea: In a criminal case, the defendant's statement pleading "guilty" or "not guilty" in answer to the charges, a declaration made in open court.
  • writing: includes handwriting, printing, typewriting, and all other methods and means of forming letters and characters upon paper, stone, wood, or other materials. See Florida Statutes 1.01
(b) Has completed a course of study at a board-approved massage school that meets standards adopted by the board; and
(c) Has received a passing grade on a national examination designated by the board.
(2) Every person desiring to be examined for licensure as a massage therapist must apply to the department in writing upon forms prepared and furnished by the department. Such applicants are subject to s. 480.046(1).
(3) An applicant must submit to background screening under s. 456.0135.
(4) Upon an applicant’s passing the examination and paying the initial licensure fee, the department shall issue to the applicant a license, valid until the next scheduled renewal date, to practice massage.
(5) The board shall adopt rules:

(a) Establishing a minimum training program for apprentices.
(b) Providing for educational standards, examination, and certification for the practice of colonic irrigation, as defined in s. 480.033(6), by massage therapists.
(c) Specifying licensing procedures for practitioners desiring to be licensed in this state who hold an active license and have practiced in any other state, territory, or jurisdiction of the United States or any foreign national jurisdiction which has licensing standards substantially similar to, equivalent to, or more stringent than the standards of this state.
(6) Massage therapists who were issued a license before July 1, 2014, must submit to the background screening requirements of s. 456.0135 by January 31, 2015.
(7) The board shall deny an application for a new or renewal license if an applicant has been convicted or found guilty of, or enters a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to, regardless of adjudication, a violation of s. 796.07(2)(a) which is reclassified under s. 796.07(7) or a felony offense under any of the following provisions of state law or a similar provision in another jurisdiction:

(a) Section 787.01, relating to kidnapping.
(b) Section 787.02, relating to false imprisonment.
(c) Section 787.025, relating to luring or enticing a child.
(d) Section 787.06, relating to human trafficking.
(e) Section 787.07, relating to human smuggling.
(f) Section 794.011, relating to sexual battery.
(g) Section 794.08, relating to female genital mutilation.
(h) Former s. 796.03, relating to procuring a person under the age of 18 for prostitution.
(i) Former s. 796.035, relating to the selling or buying of minors into prostitution.
(j) Section 796.04, relating to forcing, compelling, or coercing another to become a prostitute.
(k) Section 796.05, relating to deriving support from the proceeds of prostitution.
(l) Section 796.07(4)(a)3., relating to a felony of the third degree for a third or subsequent violation of s. 796.07, relating to prohibiting prostitution and related acts.
(m) Section 800.04, relating to lewd or lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of persons less than 16 years of age.
(n) Section 825.1025(2)(b), relating to lewd or lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of an elderly or disabled person.
(o) Section 827.071, relating to sexual performance by a child.
(p) Section 847.0133, relating to the protection of minors.
(q) Section 847.0135, relating to computer pornography.
(r) Section 847.0138, relating to the transmission of material harmful to minors to a minor by electronic device or equipment.
(s) Section 847.0145, relating to the selling or buying of minors.
(8) A person issued a license as a massage apprentice before July 1, 2020, may continue that apprenticeship and perform massage therapy as authorized under that license until it expires. Upon completion of the apprenticeship, which must occur before July 1, 2023, a massage apprentice may apply to the board for full licensure and be granted a license if all other applicable licensure requirements are met.