Terms Used In Florida Statutes 497.552

  • Monument: means any product used for identifying a grave site and cemetery memorials of all types, including monuments, markers, and vases. See Florida Statutes 497.005
  • Monument establishment: means a facility that operates independently of a cemetery or funeral establishment and that offers to sell monuments or monument services to the public for placement in a cemetery. See Florida Statutes 497.005
  • service: means any service offered or provided in connection with the final disposition, memorialization, interment, entombment, or inurnment of human remains or cremated remains. See Florida Statutes 497.005
A monument establishment shall at all times have and maintain a full-service place of business at a specific street address or location in Florida complying with the following requirements:

(1) It shall include an office for the conduct of its business including the reception of customers.
(2) It shall include a display area in which is displayed a selection of monuments, markers, and related products for inspection by customers prior to sale.
(3) Its office and display area shall normally be open to the public weekdays during normal business hours.
(4) It shall have facilities on site for inscribing monuments and equipment to deliver and install markers and monuments.
(5) It shall comply with any local government zoning regulations and may not be located on tax-exempt property.