Terms Used In Florida Statutes 497.551

  • License: includes all authorizations required or issued under this chapter, except where expressly indicated otherwise, and shall be understood to include authorizations previously referred to as registrations or certificates of authority in chapters 470 and 497 as those chapters appeared in the 2004 edition of the Florida Statutes. See Florida Statutes 497.005
  • Licensee: means the person or entity holding any license or other authorization issued under this chapter, except where expressly indicated otherwise. See Florida Statutes 497.005
  • Monument: means any product used for identifying a grave site and cemetery memorials of all types, including monuments, markers, and vases. See Florida Statutes 497.005
  • Monument establishment: means a facility that operates independently of a cemetery or funeral establishment and that offers to sell monuments or monument services to the public for placement in a cemetery. See Florida Statutes 497.005

(1) A monument establishment license shall be renewed biennially by the licensee.
(2) A monument establishment licensee shall renew its monument establishment license by payment of a renewal fee established by rule not to exceed $250.
(3) Rules may be adopted providing procedures, forms, and uniform timeframes for monument establishment license renewals.