Antifreeze shall be deemed to be mislabeled:

(1) If it does not bear a label that specifies:

(a) The brand of the product.

Terms Used In Florida Statutes 501.916

(b) The identity of the product.
(c) The name and address of the manufacturer, packager, distributor, or registrant.
(d) The net quantity of contents (in terms of liquid measure) separately and accurately in a uniform location upon the principal display panel.
(e) A statement warning of any hazard of substantial injury to human beings which may result from the intended use or reasonably foreseeable misuse of the antifreeze.
(f) The primary chemical component functioning as the antifreeze agent.
(g) The appropriate amount, percentage, proportion, or concentration of the antifreeze to be used to provide claimed protection from freezing at a specified degree or degrees of temperature, claimed protection from corrosion, or claimed increase of boiling point or protection from overheating.
(2) If its labeling contains any claim that it has been approved or recommended by the department.
(3) If its labeling is false, deceptive, or misleading.