Terms Used In Florida Statutes 601.31

  • Citrus fruit: means all varieties and regulated hybrids of citrus fruit and also means processed citrus products containing 20 percent or more citrus fruit or citrus fruit juice. See Florida Statutes 601.03
  • Department: means the Department of Citrus. See Florida Statutes 601.03
  • Department of Agriculture: means the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. See Florida Statutes 601.03
The Department of Agriculture may annually employ as many citrus fruit inspectors for a period not to exceed 1 year as the Department of Agriculture deems necessary for the effective enforcement of the citrus fruit laws of this state. All persons authorized to inspect and certify the maturity and grade of citrus fruit shall be governed by such laws and by the rules adopted by the Department of Citrus and the Department of Agriculture and shall perform their duties under the direction and supervision of the Department of Agriculture. All such citrus inspectors shall be licensed or certified by the Department of Agriculture.