Terms Used In Florida Statutes 601.74

  • Department: means the Department of Citrus. See Florida Statutes 601.03
  • Department of Agriculture: means the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. See Florida Statutes 601.03
  • Manufacturer: means any person who manufactures, sells or offers for sale, or licenses or offers for license for use any coloring matter, or any soaps, oils, waxes, gases, gas-forming material, or other similar compositions, or the component parts thereof on or in the processing of citrus fruits. See Florida Statutes 601.03
The Department of Agriculture may set fees with respect to the licensing and analysis of materials and composition used on or in the packing of citrus fruits. Fees shall be not less than $30 nor more than $100 for each manufacturer applying to the Department of Agriculture. All such license fees collected under this section shall be paid monthly by the Department of Agriculture into the State Treasury to the credit of the General Inspection Trust Fund and shall be appropriated and made available for defraying the expenses incurred in the administration of this law.