506-1 Lien of mortgages of real property or fixtures; debts secured; priority
506-2 On what property; enforceability
506-3 After-acquired real property and fixtures
506-4 Interests in recorded mortgages and leases
506-5 Use and possession of mortgaged property
506-6 Registered land
506-7 Mortgages on real property, damage or destruction of collateral
506-8 Release of mortgages of real property or fixtures and reassignment of security interests
506-9 Mortgage insurance; notice of right to cancel
506-10 Reverse mortgage loan

Terms Used In Hawaii Revised Statutes > Chapter 506

  • county: includes the city and county of Honolulu. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 54-17
  • housing owner: means :

         (1)  A private nonprofit corporation or other private nonprofit legal entity, a limited dividend corporation or other limited dividend legal entity, or a cooperative housing corporation, that is a mortgagor under section 202, 207, 213, 221(d)(3), 221(d)(5), or 231 of the United States Housing Act of 1937, as amended, or that conforms to the standards of those sections but that is not a mortgagor under those sections or any other private mortgagor under the United States Housing Act of 1937, as amended, for very low-income, low-income, or moderate‑income family housing, regulated or supervised under federal or state laws or by political subdivisions of the State, or agencies thereof, as to rents, charges, capital structure, rate of return, and methods of operation, from the time of issuance of the building permit for the project;

         (2)  Any other owner of a standard housing unit or units deemed qualified by the authority; and

         (3)  The authority. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 356D-152

  • qualified tenant: means any single person or family, pursuant to criteria and procedures established by the authority, who has been determined to have an income not exceeding the income limit as determined by the authority pursuant to rules adopted by the authority; provided that the income limit shall not exceed ninety‑five per cent of the annual median income as determined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development; provided further that the qualified tenant's primary place of residence shall be in the State or the qualified tenant intends to make the State the qualified tenant's primary place of residence. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 356D-153
  • tenant: shall include a person or family who satisfies the foregoing requirements and is a member of a cooperative who, upon resale of the member's membership to the cooperative, will not be reimbursed for more than fifty per cent of any equity increment accumulated through payments under this part. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 356D-153