577D-1 Definitions
577D-2 Consent to primary medical care and services

Terms Used In Hawaii Revised Statutes > Chapter 577D

  • Licensed health care practitioner: includes dentists licensed under chapter 448, physicians licensed under chapter 453, physician assistants licensed under chapter 453, and advanced practice registered nurses licensed under chapter 457. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 414D-3
  • Minor without support: means a person who is at least fourteen years of age but less than eighteen years of age who is not under the care, supervision, or control of a parent, custodian, or legal guardian. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 414D-3
  • oath: includes a solemn affirmation. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 54-16
  • Primary medical care and services: means health services that include screening, counseling, immunizations, medication, and treatment of illnesses and medical conditions customarily provided by licensed health care practitioners in an outpatient setting. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 414D-3