457-1 Purpose
457-1.5 Practice of nursing
457-2 Definitions
457-2.5 Registered nurse
457-2.6 Licensed practical nurse
457-2.7 Advanced practice registered nurse
457-3 State board of nursing; appointment; term of office
457-4 Qualifications of board members
457-5 Duties and powers of board
457-5.5 Nursys; verification of nurse license
457-6.5 Application of National Council of State Boards of Nursing Model Nursing Practice Act and Model Nursing Administrative Rules
457-7 Registered nurses; qualifications; licenses; fees; title; existing licensed nurses; verification of licenses; eligibility
457-7.5 Delegation
457-8 Licensed practical nurse; qualifications; license; fees; title; existing licensed nurses; verification of licenses; eligibility
457-8.5 Advanced practice registered nurse; qualifications; recognition; endorsement; fees; eligibility
457-8.6 Prescriptive authority for advanced practice registered nurses
457-8.8 Advanced practice registered nurses; global signature authority
457-8.9 Advanced practice registered nurses; expedited partner therapy
457-9 Renewal of license; denial, suspension, or revocation of license for default of student loan, student loan repayment contract, or scholarship contract; of forfeited license
457-9.2 Continuing competency requirements; exemptions; extensions; records retention; audit
457-9.3 Learning activity options
457-9.5 Center for nursing fee
457-11 Nursing education programs
457-12 Discipline; grounds; proceedings; hearings
457-12.5 Discipline based on action taken in another state; conditions; prohibition on practice
457-13 Exceptions
457-14 Violations of chapter; penalties
457-15 Injunctive relief
457-16 Severability
457-17 Telehealth; privacy, security, and confidentiality