25-3501 Administration
25-3501A Enforcement — Enforcement Restrictions
25-3502 Definitions
25-3503 Poisoning Animals
25-3504 Committing Cruelty to Animals
25-3504A Torturing Companion Animals
25-3505 Carrying in a Cruel Manner — Seizure, Expenses, Lien
25-3506 Exhibition of Cockfights
25-3507 Exhibition of Dogfights
25-3509 Arrests Without Warrants
25-3510 Impounding Without Food or Water
25-3511 Permitting Animals to Go Without Care — Abandoned Animals to Be Humanely Destroyed
25-3512 Abandonment of Animals Left With Veterinarian
25-3513 Prosecutions
25-3514 Chapter Construed Not to Interfere With Normal or Legal Practices
25-3514A Immunity
25-3515 Chapter Construed Not to Interfere With Game Laws
25-3516 High-Altitude Decompression Chamber Prohibited
25-3518 Beating and Harassing Animals
25-3519 Authority to Enter Premises and Examine Animals
25-3520 Authority to Promulgate Rules
25-3520A Penalty for Violations — Termination of Rights
25-3520B Seizure — Costs — Forfeiture Proceedings — Security Deposit or Bond — Disposition — Procedural Guidelines
25-3521 Severability