6-901 Short Title
6-902 Definitions
6-902A Supervisory Physician
6-903 Liability of Governmental Entities — Defense of Employees
6-904 Exceptions to Governmental Liability
6-904A Exceptions to Governmental Liability
6-904B Exceptions to Governmental Liability
6-904C Definitions
6-905 Filing Claims Against State or Employee — Time
6-906 Filing Claims Against Political Subdivision or Employee — Time
6-906A Time for Filing Claims by Minors
6-907 Contents of Claims — Filing by Agent or Attorney — Effect of Inaccuracies
6-908 Restriction On Allowance of Claims
6-909 Time for Allowance or Denial of Claims — Effect of Failure to Act
6-910 Suit On Denied Claims Permitted
6-911 Limitation of Actions
6-912 Compromise and Settlement by Governing Body
6-913 Compromise and Settlement by Board of Examiners
6-914 Jurisdiction — Rules of Procedure
6-915 Venue
6-916 Service of Summons
6-917 Recovery Against Governmental Entity Bar to Action Against Employee
6-918 No Punitive Damages
6-918A Attorneys’ Fees
6-919 Liability Insurance for State — Comprehensive Plan by Division of Insurance Management
6-920 Liability Insurance for State Procured by Division of Insurance Management
6-921 Apportionment of Cost of State Plan
6-922 Payment by State of Claims or Judgments When No Insurance
6-923 Authority of Political Subdivisions to Purchase Insurance
6-924 Policy Limits — Minimum Requirements
6-925 Policy Terms Not Complying With Act — Construction — Exception
6-926 Judgment or Claims in Excess of Comprehensive Liability Plan — Reduction by Court — Limits of Liability
6-927 Tax Levy to Pay Comprehensive Liability Plan
6-928 Tax Levy to Pay Claim or Judgment
6-929 Limitation of Liability of Volunteer Firemen