Terms Used In Indiana Code 16-21-9-1

  • charity: An agency, institution, or organization in existence and operating for the benefit of an indefinite number of persons and conducted for educational, religious, scientific, medical, or other beneficent purposes.
  • government sponsored indigent health care: means the unreimbursed cost to a hospital of Medicare, providing health care services to recipients of Medicaid, and other federal, state, or local indigent health care programs, eligibility for which is based on financial need. See Indiana Code 16-21-9-2
Sec. 1. As used in this chapter, “community benefits” means the unreimbursed cost to a hospital of providing charity care, government sponsored indigent health care, donations, education, government sponsored program services, research, and subsidized health services. The term does not include the cost to the hospital of paying any taxes or other governmental assessments. As added by P.L.94-1994, SEC.17.