Sec. 4. (a) A student who does not achieve a passing score on the graduation examination and who does not meet the requirements of section 1.5(a) of this chapter may be eligible to graduate if the student does all the following:

(1) Takes the graduation examination in each subject area in which the student did not achieve a passing score at least one (1) time every school year after the school year in which the student first takes the graduation examination.

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(2) Completes remediation opportunities provided to the student by the student’s school.

(3) Maintains a school attendance rate of at least ninety-five percent (95%) with excused absences not counting against the student’s attendance.

(4) Maintains at least a “C” average or the equivalent in the courses comprising the credits specifically required for graduation by rule of the state board.

(5) Otherwise satisfies all state and local graduation requirements.

(6) Either:

(A) completes:

(i) the course and credit requirements for a general diploma, including the career academic sequence;

(ii) a workforce readiness assessment; and

(iii) at least one (1) industry certification that appears on the state board’s approved industry certification list, which must be updated annually with recommendations from the department of workforce development established by IC 22-4.1-2-1; or

(B) obtains a written recommendation from a teacher of the student in each subject area in which the student has not achieved a passing score on the graduation examination. The written recommendation must be aligned with the governing body’s relevant policy and must be concurred in by the principal of the student’s school and be supported by documentation that the student has attained the academic standard in the subject area based on:

(i) tests other than the graduation examination; or

(ii) classroom work.

     (b) This section expires June 30, 2022.

[Pre-2005 Elementary and Secondary Education Recodification Citation: 20-10.1-16-13.]

As added by P.L.1-2005, SEC.16. Amended by P.L.105-2005, SEC.4; P.L.185-2006, SEC.11; P.L.268-2013, SEC.6; P.L.242-2017, SEC.36; P.L.192-2018, SEC.27.