Article 17 Effect of Recodification of Title 20
Article 18 General Provisions
Article 19 State Administration of Elementary and Secondary Education
Article 20 Programs Administered by the State
Article 21 Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Article 22 Indiana School for the Deaf
Article 23 Organization of School Corporations
Article 24 Charter Schools
Article 24.2 Performance Qualified School Districts
Article 24.5 University Administered Schools
Article 25 Indianapolis Public Schools
Article 25.7 Innovation Network Schools
Article 26 School Corporations: General Administrative Provisions
Article 26.5 Coalition of Continuous Improvement School Districts
Article 27 School Transportation
Article 28 School Teachers
Article 29 Collective Bargaining for Teachers
Article 30 Curriculum
Article 31 Accountability for Performance and Improvement
Article 32 Student Standards, Assessments, and Performance
Article 33 Students: General Provisions
Article 34 Student Health and Safety Measures
Article 35 Special Education
Article 35.5 Dyslexia Screening and Intervention
Article 36 High Ability Students
Article 37 Career and Technical Education
Article 38 Educational Compacts
Article 39 Accounting and Financial Reporting Procedures
Article 40 Government Funds and Accounts
Article 41 Extracurricular Funds and Accounts
Article 42 Fiduciary Funds and Accounts
Article 42.5 Allocation of Expenditures to Student Instruction
Article 43 State Tuition Support
Article 44 Property Tax Levies; General Provisions
Article 45 General Fund Levies
Article 46 Levies Other Than General Fund Levies
Article 47 Related Entities; Holding Companies; Lease Agreements
Article 48 Borrowing and Bonds
Article 49 State Management of Common School Funds; State Advances and Loans
Article 50 Homeless Children and Foster Care Children
Article 51 School Scholarships
Article 51.4 Indiana Education Scholarship Account Program
Article 52 Student Enrichment Grants