§ 20-32-4-1.5 Graduation requirements; funding for Cambridge International exams and training
§ 20-32-4-2 Failure to meet graduation pathway requirement
§ 20-32-4-4 Graduation waiver requirements
§ 20-32-4-4.1 Waiver from postsecondary readiness competency requirements
§ 20-32-4-5 Failure to meet graduation requirements; child with a disability; eligibility to graduate
§ 20-32-4-6 Students with disabilities; applicability of requirements
§ 20-32-4-7 Exemption from Indiana diploma with core 40 designation
§ 20-32-4-8 Student not passing at least three Core 40 courses
§ 20-32-4-9 Students scoring in twenty-fifth percentile on graduation exam or exam satisfying postsecondary readiness competency; meeting with parents
§ 20-32-4-10 Student whose parent does not attend meeting with student and counselor
§ 20-32-4-11 Student with a disability; progress toward diploma
§ 20-32-4-12 Functional workplace Spanish transcript designation
§ 20-32-4-13 Diploma issued for deceased student
§ 20-32-4-14 Alternative diploma for students with significant cognitive disabilities

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