Article 1 Combinations in Restraint of Trade
Article 2 Trademarks, Trade Names, and Trade Secrets
Article 3 Tobacco Products
Article 4 Regulated Businesses
Article 4.4 First Lien Mortgage Lending
Article 4.5 Uniform Consumer Credit Code
Article 4.6 Special Provisions Concerning Certain Transactions
Article 4.7 Telephone Solicitation of Consumers
Article 4.8 Prohibited Spyware
Article 4.9 Disclosure of Security Breach
Article 5 Consumer Sales
Article 5.5 Mortgage Rescue Protection Fraud
Article 6 Weights, Measures, and Labeling
Article 7 Rental Purchase Agreements
Article 8 Promotional Gifts and Contests
Article 9 Home Loan Practices
Article 10 Consumer Protection Assistance Fund
Article 11 Bad Faith Assertions of Patent Infringement
Article 12 Civil Proceeding Advance Payments
Article 13 Pyramid Promotional Schemes
Article 14 Towing Services