Chapter 1 Regulation of Valuable Metal Dealers by State Police

Terms Used In Indiana Code > Title 25 > Article 37.5

  • advance deposit wagering: means a system of pari-mutuel wagering in which wagers of an account holder are debited and payouts are credited to an account established by the account holder, regardless of whether the wagers are made in person, by telephone, or through communication by other electronic means. See Indiana Code 4-31-7.5-3
  • automotive salvage rebuilder: has the meaning set forth in IC 9-13-2-9. See Indiana Code 25-37.5-1-0.1
  • core buyer: means a person engaged in the business of purchasing or acquiring small component motor vehicle parts for resale, including catalytic converters, automobile radiators, and batteries. See Indiana Code 25-37.5-1-0.2
  • disposal facility: has the meaning set forth for "recycling facility" in IC 9-13-2-150. See Indiana Code 25-37.5-1-0.4
  • purchase: means acquiring a valuable metal product for a consideration, but does not include purchases between scrap metal processing facilities (as defined in IC 8-23-1-36). See Indiana Code 25-37.5-1-1
  • secondary pari-mutuel organization: means an entity that offers advance deposit wagering. See Indiana Code 4-31-7.5-7
  • used parts dealer: has the meaning set forth in IC 9-13-2-195. See Indiana Code 25-37.5-1-0.8
  • valuable metal: means any product made of metal that readily may be resold. See Indiana Code 25-37.5-1-1
  • valuable metal dealer: means any individual, firm, corporation, limited liability company, or partnership engaged in the business of purchasing and reselling valuable metal either at a permanently established place of business or in connection with a business of an itinerant nature, including junk shops, junk yards, junk stores, auto wreckers, scrap metal dealers or processors, salvage yards, collectors of or dealers in junk, and junk cars or trucks. See Indiana Code 25-37.5-1-1