§ 36-8-3-1 Application of chapter
§ 36-8-3-2 Powers and duties of safety boards
§ 36-8-3-3 Organization of safety boards; appointment, numbers, and compensation of police officers, firefighters, and other officials; division of city into precincts and districts; authority of chiefs
§ 36-8-3-3.5 Right of representation; recommendation by chief to safety board of termination or demotion
§ 36-8-3-4 Police officers and firefighters; discipline, demotion, and dismissal; hearings; appeals; administrative leave
§ 36-8-3-4.1 Certain towns and townships; reprimand or temporary suspension of members without prior hearing; review by safety board
§ 36-8-3-4.3 Suspension or termination of EMS personnel; right to hearing and appeal
§ 36-8-3-5 Merit boards and commissions; exemption from statutory procedure
§ 36-8-3-6 Police officers; powers and duties
§ 36-8-3-7 Police officers and firefighters; special duty; school security police
§ 36-8-3-8 Police department; civilian personnel; merit system
§ 36-8-3-9 Oaths; depositions
§ 36-8-3-10 Police departments, chiefs, and captains; powers and duties
§ 36-8-3-12 Board members, police officers, and firefighters; elective and appointive office
§ 36-8-3-13 Adoption of rules regulating performance bonds
§ 36-8-3-14 Police and firefighters’ insurance funds; creation, management, and distribution
§ 36-8-3-15 Police officers and firefighters; exemption from militia service
§ 36-8-3-16 Destruction of burning buildings; recovery of damages
§ 36-8-3-18 Humane officers; appointment; powers and duties
§ 36-8-3-19 Police matrons; appointment; powers and duties; accommodations; compensation; qualifications
§ 36-8-3-20 Police reserve officers
§ 36-8-3-21 Police or fire department members; membership in 1977 fund required
§ 36-8-3-22 Police reserve officers; medical care for line of duty injury or illness; third party reimbursement
§ 36-8-3-23 Police reserve officers; payments for loss of income for line of duty injury or illness

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  • Autism: means a neurological condition as described in the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5
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