As used in 135I chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:
 1. “Department” means the Iowa department of public health.

Terms Used In Iowa Code 135I.1

 2. “Local board of health” means a city, county, or district board of health as defined in section 137.102.
 3. “Spa” means a bathing facility such as a hot tub or whirlpool designed for recreational or therapeutic use.
 4. “Swimming pool” means an artificial basin and its appurtenances, either constructed or operated for swimming, wading, or diving, and includes a swimming pool, wading pool, waterslide, or associated bathhouse. “Swimming pool” does not include a decorative fountain which does not serve primarily as a wading or swimming pool and the drain of which fountain is not connected to any type of suction device for removing or recirculating the water.
 5. “Swimming pool or spa water heater” means an appliance designed for heating nonpotable water stored at atmospheric pressure, such as water in a swimming pool, spa, hot tub, or for similar uses.