1. In addition to any other surcharge, the court or clerk of the district court shall assess a domestic abuse protective order contempt surcharge of fifty dollars against a defendant who is held in contempt of court for violating a domestic abuse protective order issued pursuant to chapter 236.

Terms Used In Iowa Code 911.2C

  • clerk: means clerk of the court in which the action or proceeding is brought or is pending; and the words "clerk's office" mean the office of that clerk. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • Clerk of court: An officer appointed by the court to work with the chief judge in overseeing the court's administration, especially to assist in managing the flow of cases through the court and to maintain court records.
  • Defendant: In a civil suit, the person complained against; in a criminal case, the person accused of the crime.
 2. In the event of multiple violations, the surcharge shall be imposed for each applicable violation.
 3. The surcharge shall be remitted by the clerk of court as provided in section 602.8108, subsection 7.