§ 347.7 Tax levies
§ 347.9 Trustees — appointment — terms of office.
§ 347.9A Trustee eligibility — conflict of interest.
§ 347.10 Vacancies
§ 347.11 Organization — meetings — quorum.
§ 347.12 Revenue collected — accounting practices.
§ 347.13 Board of trustees — duties.
§ 347.14 Board of trustees — powers.
§ 347.16 Treatment in county hospital — terms.
§ 347.17 Accounts — collection.
§ 347.19 Compensation — expenses.
§ 347.20 Municipal jurisdiction
§ 347.23 City hospital changed to county hospital
§ 347.23A Memorial hospital or county hospital payable from revenue bonds changed to county hospital
§ 347.24 Law applicable to other hospitals
§ 347.25 Election of trustees
§ 347.26 Health care facility in existing hospital
§ 347.31 Community recreation facilities and programs
§ 347.32 Tax status

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