§ 513B.1 Title
§ 513B.2 Definitions
§ 513B.3 Applicability and scope
§ 513B.4 Restrictions relating to the premium rates
§ 513B.4A Exemption from premium rate restrictions
§ 513B.4B Small employer incentives
§ 513B.5 Provisions on renewability of coverage
§ 513B.6 Disclosure of rating practices and renewability provisions
§ 513B.7 Maintenance of records
§ 513B.9A Eligibility to enroll
§ 513B.10 Availability of coverage
§ 513B.11 Notice of intent to operate as a risk-assuming carrier or reinsuring carrier
§ 513B.12 Application to become a risk-assuming carrier
§ 513B.13 Small employer carrier reinsurance program
§ 513B.15 Periodic market evaluation
§ 513B.17 Discretion of the commissioner
§ 513B.18 Uniform application form