§ 562A.1 Short title
§ 562A.2 Purposes — rules of construction.
§ 562A.3 Supplementary principles of law applicable
§ 562A.4 Administration of remedies — enforcement.
§ 562A.5 Exclusions from application of chapter
§ 562A.6 General definitions
§ 562A.7 Unconscionability
§ 562A.8 Notice
§ 562A.8A Computation of time
§ 562A.9 Terms and conditions of rental agreement
§ 562A.10 Effect of unsigned or undelivered rental agreement
§ 562A.11 Prohibited provisions in rental agreements
§ 562A.12 Rental deposits
§ 562A.13 Disclosure
§ 562A.14 Landlord to supply possession of dwelling unit
§ 562A.15 Landlord to maintain fit premises
§ 562A.16 Limitation of liability
§ 562A.17 Tenant to maintain dwelling unit
§ 562A.18 Rules
§ 562A.19 Access
§ 562A.20 Tenant to use and occupy
§ 562A.21 Noncompliance by the landlord — in general.
§ 562A.22 Failure to deliver possession
§ 562A.23 Wrongful failure to supply heat, water, hot water or essential services
§ 562A.24 Landlord’s noncompliance as defense to action for possession or rent.
§ 562A.25 Fire or casualty damage
§ 562A.26 Tenant’s remedies for landlord’s unlawful ouster, exclusion, or diminution of service.
§ 562A.27 Noncompliance with rental agreement — failure to pay rent — violation of federal regulation.
§ 562A.27A Termination for creating a clear and present danger to others
§ 562A.27B Right to summon emergency assistance — waiver of rights.
§ 562A.28 Failure to maintain
§ 562A.29 Remedies for absence, nonuse and abandonment
§ 562A.29A Method of service of notice on tenant
§ 562A.30 Waiver of landlord’s right to terminate.
§ 562A.31 Landlord liens — distress for rent.
§ 562A.32 Remedy after termination
§ 562A.33 Recovery of possession limited
§ 562A.34 Periodic tenancy — holdover remedies.
§ 562A.35 Landlord and tenant remedies for abuse of access
§ 562A.36 Retaliatory conduct prohibited
§ 562A.37 Applicability

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